Our Mission

Spread the culture of renewable energy use in all life applications and provide the latest and the finest integrated solar power solutions for electricity generation and interconnection services, electric power plants Technology Solar .


Here's How we work.


Solar power plants to generate electricity in homes and service facilities, commercial and industrial.


Solar water pumping stations for arable land and Animal Production and industrial facilities Farms..


Providing designs, consulting and technical studies and Finance for the establishment of power plants Solar and maintenance services and follow-up and special surveillance

Who are we ?

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Sunwayegypt was founded in late 2014.

Sunwayegypt is a leading company in the field of solar energy, especially in Upper Egypt; it offers its customers its expertise and its capabilities in this area to achieve their goals for optimal performance and energy savings .Through clean energy consumption and renewable and free, such as solar energy .Offer their customers a study on the current consumption and energy, which in turn lead to saving money solutions .

The company is looking to provide all that is new in the field of energy solutions and all the products offered are characterized by high quality and energy-saving and long-life and holds a quality guarantee certificates and also provides maintenance and technical support services .


Our Heritage.

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Project 1

Off Grid system

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Project 2

Central thermal system

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Project 3

Irrigation system

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Project 4

Under implementation


Solar Power Solutions

  • On Grid system
  • Off Grid system
  • Hybird system

Central Thermal system

  • Open loop system
  • Closed loop system
  • Solar pool Heating system

Pump system

  • Irrigation system
  • Circulation system for swimming pool
  • Water supply system

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